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MYLES SANKO-autograph card

Only while stocks last

With each order of a MYLES SANKO-record we’ll enclose an original autograph card of the British soul-singer and songwriter!

High-quality soul from 7,49€

WAVING THE GUNS – Das Muss Eine Demokratie Aushalten Können
Hard to believe but they’re getting better and better: Rostock’s top hip-hop crew WAVING THE GUNS returns with a powerful new album on March15. “Das Muss Eine Demokratie Aushalten Können” offers 13 extraordinary tracks full of insanely good punchlines, funk-, jazz- and soul-ascendancies and largely trap-free beats.

Buy now: CD 14,99€ / LP 18,99€

GUTS – Philantropiques
Incredible – on his sixth studio album, the Frenchman GUTS reinvents himself completely: “Philantropiques” is a colourful and effervescent Afrotropical soundclash and appears as a CD in digifile and double LP (180 gram vinyl, DeluxeTip-On-Gatefold).

Buy now: CD 14,99€ / LP 25,99€

JULIAN SAS – Stand Your Ground
Classical blues rock from the Dutch guitarist and singer JULIAN SAS. “Stand Your Ground” is released as a CD in digipack format with a 12-page booklet and limited edition vinyl (180-gram pressing).

Buy now: CD 14,99€ / LP 21,99€

The second album of the successful spin-off of B.B. & THE BLUES SHACKS with singer BONITA NIESSEN appears as a CD in a three-part digifile.

Buy now: CD 14,99€

MAULGRUPPE – Tiere In Tschernobyl
JENS RACHUT-spin-off number 9: The debut album of the Hamburg punksinger with a new formation (people from YASS, TEN VOLT SHOCK and KURT) as CD (12-page 4c-booklet) and as LP with downloadcode and inlay.

Buy now: CD 14,99€ / LP 20,49€

DEATH BY HORSE – Reality Hits Hard
The second album of the Swedish punk rockers DEATH BY HORSE satisfies with a sound somewhere between the great Swedish melody-core bands of the 1990s, their compatriots from BABOON SHOW, the best RANCID-moments and long-forgotten bands like DOVER or TILT. “Reality Hits Hard” appears as CD in digipack and as LP in gatefold cover with text inlay and downloadcode.

Buy now: CD 12,99€ / LP 17,99€

KAFKA BAND – Amerika
After the success of “Das Schloss”, the Czech KAFKA BAND again attends an unfinished novel by FRANZ KAFKA: “Amerika”. The spoken word parts will be accompanied by minimalist jazz and ambient soundscapes and literature is transformed to sound and rhythm.

Buy now: CD 15,99€

FRITTENBUDE finally present their fifth studio album on AUDIOLITH. The limited first CD-edition comes with two bonus tracks in three-part inside-out digipack with gloss paint details, 24-page 4c booklet, red coloured CD and sticker. The limited LP edition in transparent white vinyl including 7”-single (two bonus tracks), CD booklet and stickers.

Buy now: CD 16,99€ / LP 22,99€

With her already sixth album the Berlin singer / songwriter KITTY SOLARIS once again proves her class and experience. “Cold City” is a modern album and doesn’t hesitate to break new ground and take influences.

Buy now: CD 13,99€

The new masterpiece by MANU KATCHÉ offers a great mix of Pop, Soul, R&B, Dub, Jazz and World. Feat. FAADA FREDDY, JAZZY BAZZ & JONATHA BROOKE. “The Scope” will be released as a CD in digipack format as well as a vinyl edition.

Buy now: CD 16,99€ / 21,99€
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