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KARIN KROG – The Many Faces Of Karin Krog (1967-2017)
The legendary Norwegian jazz singer KARIN KROG is celebrating her 80th birthday with a great thematically divided retrospective consisting of 59-songs. “The Many Faces Of Karin Krog (1967-2017)” is released as a 6-CD-Box with individual cover artwork for each CD and a 44-page booklet.

Buy now: 6-CD-Box 39,99 €

MYLES SANKO – Just Being Me
With his self-published debut “Born In Black & White” (2013) and the official successor “Forever Dreaming” (2014), the singer and musician, born in Ghana and living in Cambridge, was able to gain the demanding Soulfans’ respect. MYLES SANKO has managed to give his songs on “Just Being Me” more profoundness, refinement and variance. His soul is as timeless as it is historical, but above all it is a wonderful and universal language that can connect all people.

Buy now: CD 13,99€ / LP 18,99€

SOULBEATS presents: the second album (2014) of the US folk / world / pop band around singer and mastermind NAHKO BEAR as digifile CD. The musicians, based between Oregon and Hawaii, present ten wonderfully touching and natural songs on “On The Verge”, which sound even more sensitive and more laid-back than on the predecessor.

Buy now: CD 14,99€

TURBOBIER – Das Neue Festament
It is not only since the success of the first album “Irokesentango” or the highly successful video “Arbeitslos” (~ 1.2 million hits and perhaps the better version of HELENE FISCHER’s “Atemlos”) that this band is on everyone’s lips. On “Das Neue Festament”, TURBOBIER convince with musical freshness and textual wit. One could also say: irony in perfection.

Buy now: CD 14,99€ / LP 24,99€

KAT FRANKIE – Please Don’t Give Me What I Want
On her album “Please Don’t Give Me What I Want”, the Australian exceptional artist KAT FRANKIE celebrates the fascination of the abyss and conjures up unique musical worlds. Chamber-Pop meets folk ballads, eruptive indie sounds, amazing singing loops and multi-layered a capella excursions.

Buy now: CD 14,99€

PETROL GIRLS – Talk Of Violence
The first album of the British post-punk / post-hardcore newcomers appears on BOMBER MUSIC.
The band stands ethically, politically and musically in the tradition of acts like BIKINI KILL, FUGAZI, TEAMDRESCH, REFUSED, WHITE LUNG, PROPAGANDHI, AT THE DRIVE-IN or WAR ON WOMAN. Explosive, pumped music, which clearly conveys that it has something to say, already before the examination with the sophisticated lyrics.

Buy now: CD 14,99€ / 21,99€

DAS KAPITAL – Eisler Explosion
The three full-blood individualists of DAS KAPITAL enchant as a strong trio and fall back on a tried and tested concept: already 2009 and 2010 they re-arranged pieces of the composer HANNS EISLER. “Eisler Explosion” appears on LABEL BLEU.

Buy now: CD 14,99€

HOCHZEITSKAPELLE – The World Is Full Of Songs
EVI KEGLMAIER (ZWIRBELDIRN), MATHIAS GÖTZ (WINDSTÄRKE 4), MICHA and MARKUS ACHER (THE NOTWIST) and ALEX HAAS (CHRISTIAN WILLISOHN) are giving proof of how wonderful the fusion of calypso sounds and Bavarian folklore like G.RAG can sound. Among others, they reinterpret songs by SUN RA, MOONDOG, FRANCOISE HARDY and JACKIE MITTOO in their very own soundscape.

Buy now: CD 14,99€ / LP 30,99€

The new big thing from Vienna! “Ansa Woar”, the debut album of VOODOO JÜRGENS raises the bar for all the singer-songwriter! Viennese songwriting at the highest level and full of wit and charm! CD and LP will be released on LOTTERLABEL.

Buy now: CD 12,99€ / LP 24,99€

LILLY AMONG CLOUDS – Lilly Among Clouds EP
Great debut EP of the artist LILLY AMONG CLOUDS from Würzburg. With a lot of feeling, but without much attention, she writes songs like jewels that live from minimalism but this is exactly where the strength of this album is to be found. Often reduced to piano, guitar or light electric beats, but with a very large, very fragile voice, from which the songs live and get their meaning.

Buy now: CD 7,90€
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