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The great WDR BIG BAND under the direction of MAGNUS LINDGREN meets the outstanding vocal duo FAY CLAASSEN and DAVID LINX. CD (digipack) with a 16-page booklet and LP (180-gram vinyl, printed inner sleeve) on JAZZLINE.

Buy Now: CD 16,99 € / LP 22,49 €

THE NEXT MOVEMENT – The Next Movement
Brand new album, a true firework of 16 songs plus six interludes by the Swiss fusion, funk, soul and jazz trio. CD comes in a digipack with a 12-page booklet and a double LP (180-gram vinyl, gatefold cover) on LEOPARD.

Buy now: CD 16,99 € / LP 26,99 €

HELGE SCHNEIDER – Die Reaktion – The Last Jazz Vol. II
HELGE SCHNEIDER is undoubtedly one of the most exceptional artists in this country. The multiple award-winning musician now releases (34 years after the debut “The Last Jazz”) his new (jazz) album “Die Reaktion – The Last Jazz Vol. II”, which also makes use of swing, blues, bebop and classical music and has this very special HELGE SCHNEIDER style. Released as both CD and vinyl double LP on RAILROAD TRACKS.

Buy now: CD 16,99 € / LP 24,99 €

MOPED ASCONA – Kismet Habibi
The high-spirited and energetic indie rock debut album of the Hamburg quintet to be released on both CD and LP on AUDIOLITH.

Buy now: CD 13,99 € / LP 19,99 €

SCHOOL OF ZUVERSICHT – An Allem Ist Zu Zweifeln
Finally a new album by SCHOOL OF ZUVERSICHT, a project around DJ PATEX and all sorts of other members and associates of the indie scene in Hamburg. “An Allem Ist Zu Zweifeln” combines Hamburg School, Indie-Rock, Electro-Pop and Postpunk to an exciting and provocative experiment. Released on vinyl LP at MISITUNES.

Buy now: LP 21,49 €

KADY DIARRA – Burkina Hakili
New album of the exceptional artist KADY DIARRA, who comes from Burkina Faso. “Burkina Hakili” moves consistently between Afro-Soul and Afro-Pop with strong cultural influences. Released as both CD and LP on LAMASTROCK.

Buy now: CD 14,99 € / LP 19,99 €

On their fifth album, ORCHESTRE TOUT PUISSANT MARCEL DUCHAMP continues on its wayward path, blending a wide variety of genres into an incredible sound that remains exciting from the first song to the last: Free Jazz meets Post Punk, High Life, Brass and Krautrock. Released both as CD and vinyl LP on BONGO JOE.

Buy now: CD 14,99 € / LP 23,99 €

DIE RADIERER – Gute Laune Land
After long years of waiting, finally some new material of the legendary band from Limburg! Released on colored vinyl as well as CD on BLITZKRIEG POP!

Buy now: CD 14,99 € / LP 23,99 €

KNARF RELLÖM TRINITY – Move Your Ass And Your Mind Will Follow
Finally available on vinyl! KNARF RELLÖM TRINITYs “Move Your Ass And Your Mind Will Follow”, previously only available on CD, is being released on vinyl at MISITUNES – 15 years after its initial release. Legendary Lo-Fi-Electro-Pop-Rock-Punk from the Hamburg area.

Buy now: LP 19,99 €

MAD PROFESSOR – Dub Me Crazy 1
Released in January 1982 with the catalog number ARILP 001, “Dub Me Crazy 1” is the first release on the freshly founded label of the MAD PROFESSOR as well as the first self-release under his name. The twelve tracks defined the state of the art of the young British Dub scene and are still undisputed classics of the genre. Guest- starring TONY BENJAMIN, RANKING ANN, ERROL SLY, LEROYHORSEMOUTHWALLACE, GARNETT CROSS and others on instruments and vocals.

Buy now: CD 14,99 €
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